‘After the Fall’ Reclamation Update Blasts its Way to Meta Quest 2 Today with New Maps, Weapons, Enemies, and More

Oculus Blog
September 15, 2022

Vertigo Games, the devs that brought you Arizona Sunshine, launched a big content update for their action FPSAfter the Fall today. The new Reclamation update brings two new maps for worldbuilding, expands your arsenal, and adds new modes alongside several gameplay updates. It’s now available for free to all Meta Quest 2 Harvest Runners. Join the fight and take back the city with your powerful new sawblade and devastating auto-shotgun in two new maps!

Check out the new trailer for the big Reclamation update for After the Fall to see all the new content in action!(Please note: for mature audiences only.)

With the Reclamation update, After the Fall gets one new harvest map called Downtown and one new horde mode map called Mall. In the Downtown map, you’ll zipline between infested skyscrapers atop the streets of what remains of Los Angeles. There’s a unique final encounter on this map so you’ll want to unlock it quickly to check it out by completing the Relay Tower harvest map.

But if horde mode is more your style you can check out the new Mall map. This one’s terrifying no matter how you look at it as you’ll need to keep an eye on the ceilings, guard the stairs, and cover the storefronts to survive for as long as possible in the abandoned Twin Palms Mall shopping center. This is our largest horde site so far with multiple elevations to explore and various different horde spawn locations.

The carnage doesn’t stop there though. We’ve also added Mutator conditions to every harvest map to add even more challenge and nuance to your runs. Completing mutated maps rewards new Chipset floppies that augment weapons with perks and new attachments. This keeps maps fresh so even if you’ve played it one hundred times now you can see it all over again with a fresh perspective and renewed challenge.

The Reclamation update will also add two new enemies to After the Fall in the Gunner and Charger enemy types. The Gunner is a hulking mass of snowbreed with an LMG permanently rooted to its arm. But don’t get too close—they can grab you as well and deal massive damage. The Charger on the other hand will dart directly for you and unleash explosive amounts of damage when they get close enough with a large blast radius.

Last but not least, After the Fall now has full support for Meta Party. With this feature, you can jump into the action straight from your home screen together with your friends! Check out the full patch notes for After the Fall Update 1.7 to get all the details on Reclamation.

After the Fall is a co-op survival action shooter like no other in VR and it continues to get bigger and better with new free updates to keep players satisfied. If you haven’t ventured into the terrifying tundra for yourself, you can hop in right now on Quest 2 for $39.99 USD. And this weekend, September 16 - 18, After the Fall is on sale with a 25% discount.