Become The Legend In New ‘Pistol Whip’ Contracts Update, Out Now

Oculus Blog
Posted by Cloudhead Games
June 16, 2022

There is nothing and no one you won’t go up against for the sake of justice. Get ready to continue your search for vengeance as Pistol Whip unleashes its brand new update, Contracts.

Contracts pits you against unique and exhilarating combinations of enemies, scenes, weapons, and Styles for players of all skill levels. Missions rotate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to create an exciting variety of challenges with a wide range of difficulty. It’s never been easier to end a vendetta.

But if you want to make it harder, there’s even more new content coming with this update. Think you know what it’s like to step into bullet hell? Contracts introduces a modifier that makes enemy bullets faster, adding a whole new dimension of dexterity and speed to missions that already require precision and strength. For a twisted take on Pistol Whip’s signature breakneck gameplay, there’s also a modifier to slow bullets to half speed. Bounty-hunters beware though—dodging slo-mo projectiles may seem like a cinch to master, but try it for yourself and find out just how skilled you really are.

The Contracts update also equips you with extra protection in the form of reinforced player armor—if you want it. Some hitmen prefer their assignment to be as deadly as they are.

“I could not be more proud of our team and all the work they’ve put into the upcoming mode and features,” says Ryan Serbet, Producer at Cloudhead Games. “Contracts is the first big update to Pistol Whip since I’ve been a producer for the game, and thanks to all the internal playtesting, my legs have never been so sore. My tip for launch day? Have a towel nearby!”

High/low velocity bullets and reinforced player shields are the latest additions to the Styles System, a robust selection of modifiers and weapons. With Contracts, these custom elements are already decided and pre-combined, which means less time spent selecting from menus, and more time spent shooting, stabbing, and pistol-whipping your targets.

When the clock on any contract runs down to zero, you’ll see a prominently-displayed emblem with your ranking marked on it. With enough at stake, any mercenary would fight tooth and nail to rank number one on the leaderboards. Word is that those who do may receive a rare coin of some kind…

Pick up Pistol Whip’s Contracts update on the Meta Quest and Rift Platforms today and customize your personal Pistolverse like never before. When it comes time for your revenge, the enemies who crossed you will regret taking up this fight.