Become the World's Greatest Swordfighter in ‘Broken Edge,’ Coming to Quest 2 Later This Year

Oculus Blog
Posted by Guillaume Perreault Roy, Creative Director at TREBUCHET
June 9, 2022

Are you ready to feel the blade? I’m Guillaume Perreault Roy, Creative Director at TREBUCHET, and today we are very proud to announce Broken Edge for Meta Quest 2. Check out the debut trailer below:

Broken Edge is a multiplayer dueling game set in a fantasy world. Embody the iconic swordfighters of your dreams and use their blades, techniques, and powers to claim victory! Broken Edge takes place in a surreal and colorful world, a representation of an afterlife where the greatest warriors in history reside. Their souls awaken as you approach, and the fight for eternal glory begins.

We began working on Broken Edge because we felt like VR swordplay wasn’t as satisfying as expected. We wanted to feel and act like real swordfighters, to feel two blades clash together and the sense of satisfaction and excitement that comes with it—but instead, our sword usually passed through the opponent’s and encountered no resistance, breaking the sense of immersion that’s vital for a successful VR experience.

We designed Broken Edge’s combat with three main principles in mind. First, when energy blades collide in Broken Edge, they generate an explosion at the point of impact that drives the combatants away from each other. Because of this, every sword clash becomes truly impactful and requires players to use all the skills and tactics at their disposal. Next, our mirror-movement mechanic gives you the freedom of room-scale VR, enabling players to outmaneuver their opponents with subtle use of footwork and spacing.

And finally, Broken Edge includes a variety of fighting Styles, and unlocking a character’s full potential will require you to master their Style first. Adopting a character’s Style will awaken your blade and make your strikes stronger—an advantage that can prove devastating in battle. Anybody can pick up a sword, but there is no limit to the skills you sharpen in Broken Edge. Mastering a class is a gratifying experience, and Broken Edge includes additional training and solo modes that can help you climb the ranks online.

We can’t wait to bring you Broken Edge later this year. People have been fascinated with sword combat throughout history, across different eras and cultures, and Broken Edge will bring this fantasy to VR like never before.

Follow us @brokenedgevr on social media and join the blade-cutting community on our Discord to stay up-to-date with development, and we’ll have more to share soon!