Craft Absurdly Powerful Weapons to Fight Alien Monstrosities in ‘Mothergunship: Forge,’ Out Now for Quest 2

Oculus Blog
Posted by Joe Mirabello, Terrible Posture Games
June 15, 2022

Craft. Shoot. Die. Repeat! Forge absurdly powerful guns and fight through the belly of a metal alien monstrosity in MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE, out now for Quest 2!

I’m Joe Mirabello, Creative Director at Terrible Posture Games. We’re proud to release MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE this week, and we can’t wait to see what people think. FORGE is a Roguelite shooter with ridiculously over-the-top weapon crafting done right. Sure, there are other things to love about the game like the addictive combat loop, the meaty progression systems, or the wide variety of gameplay surprises as you charge through the alien armada, but it’s the crafting system that will stand out.

We had a theory here at Terrible Posture Games. After completing the original MOTHERGUNSHIP, a non-VR FPS released back in 2018, we were overjoyed to see how well received that game’s crafting system turned out. But we knew we could do better. We knew that no matter how robust and complex a mechanic we made, crafting in a non-VR game would still involve menu hopping and getting used to complex controls. And, in VR, we had a strong hunch that it would be so intuitive that a player wouldn’t even need to think about it.

As we set to work on prototypes and proof-of-concepts, we were delighted by what emerged. Players are presented with an ever-rotating selection of barrels, connection pieces, effects caps, and ammo canisters. Combining these elements in new ways changes your projectiles, the core gameplay loop, the enemies—even entire mechanical systems of the game shift around you as you build your weapon.

You could strap on sawblades and melee parts to deal with close-proximity foes, position shields to cover your flank, or even attach ammo canisters to change all your bullets into exploding ducks if you want! You can even concoct disco lasers, blanket a room with rolling orbs of toxic energy, or build defensive walls of slow-moving barrel-bullets. As you can see, things get pretty wild in FORGE.

But beyond the ambitious design implications of this crafting system, MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE presents a way of crafting that is so utterly frictionless and intuitive that it feels like it’s second nature. It’s a powerful system that affects every aspect of the game, yet it takes all of 20 seconds to learn. From there, if you can imagine it, you can build it (provided you scavenge the right parts, of course). From the simplest starter weapons to the most complex fabrications comprised of a labyrinth of twisting pieces, the sheer joy of building in FORGE will keep you coming back over and over to see what else you can discover.

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