Monke Goes Mainstream: Gorilla Tag Swings Onto the Meta Quest Store December 15

Oculus Blog
November 30, 2022

Since its 2021 debut on App Lab, Gorilla Tag has steadily grown in popularity—and indie studio Another Axiom has grown along with it, from a one-man band to a team of 15 developers working to deliver a consistent cadence of cosmetic updates and seasonal environments. It was named the Best Competitive Multiplayer game of 2021 by UploadVR, and it’s got another exciting milestone on the horizon: Gorilla Tag will launch on the official Meta Quest Store on December 15!

For the uninitiated, Gorilla Tag lets up to 10 players enter and explore a jungle-like world where you can run, jump, climb, and—obviously—play tag. You use only the movement of your hands and arms to interact with the world—no buttons, joysticks, or teleportation required. There’s four different game modes to choose from: a simple game of Tag, running from infected gorillas or outmaneuvering survivors in Infection, targeting opponents in Hunt, and slingshotting paint in Paintbrawl. It’s all simple to learn and play but difficult to master.

Gorilla Tag started as a passion project of mine, and it’s been incredible to watch it grow organically along with a community of fans,” says Another Axiom Founder Kerestell Smith (aka Lemming). “I’m a gamer myself, and I love VR. Being able to build something of my own and put it out into the world has been a dream come true, and I can’t wait to welcome even more players on the Meta Quest Platform.”