Meta Horizon Worlds Spotlight: META GOLF

Oculus Blog
December 2, 2022

Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on the people building for Meta Horizon Worlds and their amazing creations.

Last time, we shut out all the chaos and noise from the world around us and simply listened to the fluttering of rare butterflies in Mike8104’s Magical Butterfly Sanctuary.

This week, we set out to work on our long game in seemebro’s META GOLF, a place to hit golf balls as far as you can and where, if you get your timing down, you just might build yourself a future on the links.

You know those driving ranges you always see on the side of the highway? Super tall netting, a slew of targets, and a bunch of duffers trying to hit them? Well, instead of spending your hard-earned cash to hit balls at targets while strangers watch, head on over to META GOLF, grab your 3-wood, and swing away to your heart’s content.

Sure, you could mingle with friends over a drink at the bar, but really, you’re here to aim at the targets. Land a shot right in the center and you can pile up the points. But don’t worry if you miss: You can try again, and again, and again. If at first you don’t succeed, as the saying goes.

META GOLF lets you swing right- or left-handed, and if you want, you can disable the default weight simulator, making it a bit easier to drive for distance (and accuracy).

Still, this is about just having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. And if you put in the work, you might just find yourself ready for the tour. Fore!