Meta Horizon Worlds v85 Release Notes

Oculus Blog
November 22, 2022

Meta Horizon Worlds v85 is here. Happy holidays to those who celebrate!

This release includes a new feature we’re testing that lets creators add doors to any other public world and several bug fixes, continuing our focus on quality. Let’s jump in!

Break On Through
(To the Other Side)

We’re experimenting with a new feature that allows you to add doors from your world to any other published and public world. This feature unlocks new ways to collaborate and share—whether you want to guide your visitors to worlds with related themes, share new and interesting worlds you’ve discovered, or shout out some of your favorite fellow creators.

Starting this week, this feature will become available to 50% of creators for testing. Please try it out and let us know your thoughts on Uservoice!

To add a door and set a destination to any published and public world:

  1. Open the Create menu in Build mode

  2. Drag and place a door from the gizmo section

  3. Open the Properties panel of the door

  4. Click “Change”

  5. Search and add any public world using the search bar

Visit 2.0 Updates

Please note that the backend migration to Visit 2.0 is nearly complete, so all traffic is on Visit 2.0. As a result, the dedicated Visit 2.0 section will be removed from Release Notes going forward. All related issues will now be tracked in the Creators section.

Quality of Life Improvements


  • When you select or highlight a person in the Personal UI, the button will now show “Join” instead of “Invite to Party.”
  • Throwing sounds will now vary depending on a thrown object’s mass and velocity.

Bug Fixes


  • Sometimes the Personal UI overlaps with World UI panels and makes them both hard to read. Now, opening the Personal UI panel into a World UI panel closes the World UI panel.
  • When hovering over a button, labels will now consistently show up with information on that button’s action.


  • In some worlds, scripting a button to enter the world failed to load, or travel did not complete successfully. That should now be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “on spawned” callback to be delayed by many seconds.
  • Transfer ownership should now work correctly on spawned objects.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the error message “There was a problem deleting your world” to display, even though the world is actually deleted. [UserVoice]

Known Issues


  • When using party travel to go into personal space, invited guests will fail to travel and see an “Unable to travel” panel, but the host is able to travel successfully.
  • The keyboard doesn’t pop up in the desired area while in Build mode and is sometimes obscured due to intersecting with the surrounding objects. [UserVoice]
  • In some worlds, the hand collision event isn’t detected.
  • Left hand grab anchors got flipped and now things meant to be worn on the left hand/wrist are reversed.
  • Picking up grabbables and hitting them against each other causes some games to lag.
  • After removing an attachable, the attachable becomes stuck in place and can’t be moved for a short period of time.
  • Some people are getting separated from their party when traveling.


  • Some creators are unable to switch into Edit mode for their worlds. If this happens to you, try cloning the world and entering Edit mode on the cloned version of the world. [UserVoice]
  • All objects cannot be pulled out of a group.
  • Switching between Edit and Preview mode doesn’t consistently trigger scripted On World Start events.
  • Many creators are having trouble traveling to their world in Visit mode.
  • The door gizmo caused performance issues in some worlds in Edit mode.