Releases Recap: June 13 – 17

Oculus Blog
June 18, 2022

This week, we released a bunch of titles and updates across the Quest and Rift Platforms. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

Craft. Shoot. Die. Repeat! Forge absurdly powerful guns and fight through the belly of a metal alien monstrosity in MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE, a frantic FPS roguelite. Survive against the MOTHERGUNSHIP’s metal minions and earn gun parts to add to your weapon, easily picking them up and snapping them into place in VR. You’ll choose from a wild array of distinct gun parts and upgrades like chainguns, railguns, and pizza launchers (yes, explosive pizzas) to forge hell-ish combinations. Design your weapon, then destroy the MOTHERGUNSHIP fleet as alien machines, explosive traps, metal pests, and deadly bosses do everything they can to blast you and your weapon back to square one.

Perfect For: Fans of Vox Machinae, World of Mechs, and After the Fall
Developer: Terrible Posture Games
Available On: Quest 2
More Info: Craft Absurdly Powerful Weapons to Fight Alien Monstrosities in ‘MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE,’ Out Now For Quest 2

Demeo - Curse of the Serpent God
Brave adventurers, the land of Demeo needs you once again. You’ve had a few months to rest up and recover your hit points in Heroes’ Hangout, but this week Resolution Games launched its fourth Demeo campaign, Curse of the Serpent Lord. Hope you packed your Sunscreen +2, because you’ll be heading deep into the Ronth Desert. Can your band of adventurers break the curse that’s turned peaceful townspeople into reptilian monsters? Curse of the Serpent Lord also introduces Oana the Warlock, a powerful spellcaster—and reworks Zedokar the Sorcerer, Demeo’s original magic wielder, equipping him with some exciting new spells. Best of all? It’s free to all Demeo owners, so gather your party and venture forth.

Perfect For: Fans of Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok, Journey of the Gods, and Catan VR
Developer: Resolution Games
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform
More Info: Sand Dunes and Scorpions Await in the Fourth ‘Demeo’ Campaign, Curse of the Serpent Lord, Out Now

Beat Saber - Anniversary Tracks
Can you believe that Beat Saber is four years old? Since its release in 2018, the rhythm slasher has become one of the most popular VR games in the world, and Beat Games has kept the experience fresh with a ton of updates and Music Packs. But it’s okay if you forgot to get a present: The studio has one for you in the form of free tracks that remix two of the most recognizable Jaroslav Beck songs from the first OST. Both remixes are extremely challenging to play—make sure you warm up first!

Perfect For: Fans of Supernatural, Synth Riders, and OhShape
Developer: Beat Games
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform
More Info: ‘Beat Saber’ Turns Four: Celebrate The Anniversary With Free Remixes, Out Today

Pistol Whip - Contracts
Get ready to continue your search for vengeance as Pistol Whip unleashes its brand new update. Contracts pits you against unique and exhilarating combinations of enemies, scenes, weapons, and Styles for players of all skill levels. Missions rotate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to create an exciting variety of challenges with a wide range of difficulty. With enough at stake, any mercenary would fight tooth and nail to rank number one on the leaderboards. Word is that those who do may receive a rare coin of some kind…

Perfect For: Fans of Smash Drums, Audio Trip, and Unplugged: Air Guitar
Developer: Cloudhead Games
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform
More Info: Become the Legend in New ‘Pistol Whip’ Contracts Update, Out Now

Zenith: The Last City - The Celestial Throne
The first major update for VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City launched this week. Dubbed The Celestial Throne, the update introduced a slew of all-new content to Zenith, adding dozens of additional hours of gameplay. The Celestial Throne includes three new four-person instanced dungeons, three eight-person raid missions, 20 total new quests across the game world, 40+ pieces of armor and godstones to collect, an armor slot for headgear, lots of puzzles, tons of bug fixes, and more. This is by far the biggest update to Zenith so far, and it will be available entirely for free to anyone who owns the base game.

Perfect For: Fans of A Township Tale, Green Hell VR, and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
Developer: Ramen VR
Available On: Quest Platform // Rift Platform
More Info: ‘The Celestial Throne’ Update Adds Six New Instanced Dungeons And 20 Quests To VR MMO ‘Zenith: The Last City’

Are you ready for a new action-packed update for LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT? Wait no more! The new Olympus Update expands Bodycombat with five new sessions that will help you work out your legs, arms, and core! Along with these new sessions, there’s a stunning new environment that will teleport you to a utopian futuristic city in the sky—the titular “Olympus.”

Perfect For: Fans of FitXR, Creed: Rise to Glory, and The Thrill of the Fight
Developer: Odders
Available On: Quest Platform

Visit the Store on the Quest and Rift Platforms for even more immersive content. We’ll see you back here next week for another batch of releases.