Rogue-Like First-Person Combat Game ‘Hellsweeper VR’ Is Coming to Quest 2

Oculus Blog
June 9, 2022

From the creators of Sairento VR: Untethered and the publishers behind Arizona Sunshine® comes the physics-defying Hellsweeper VR straight from the underworld to your Meta Quest 2. Prepare for an intense VR experience in this rogue-like first-person combat game, where earthly physics don’t exist and gravity-defying movements become your new reality. Get a taste of the action that awaits you in this brand-new trailer and read more about the game’s limitless movements, combat styles, and magical elements below.

In Hellsweeper VR, you take on the role of an undead immortal, tasked with entering hell on the sole mission of eliminating its twisted souls! As you traverse the different dimensions, you gain mastery of a wide range of weapons and elemental magic, all while exploring every crazy move you previously thought imaginary.

With an intense, no holds barred locomotion system, you’ll be able to run on walls, do power-sliding, backflips, and more! Through its innovative mechanics, Hellsweeper VR challenges you to become the master of your Meta Quest 2 controls. Take full use of your limitless mobility across the battlefield and use the environments to your advantage. From wallrunning past a heavily controlled area to aerial dashing as a way to weave in and out of engagement range, discover what being a Hellsweeper really means to you!

Besides pulling off crazy moves, you’ll have your hands full slaying hordes of twisted souls. Within a multitude of different dimensions, there are plenty of Hellish scumbags to take on. Hellsweeper VR has brutal combat at its core, giving you the opportunity to fully develop your own style, whether it’s unarmed, melee, or ranged combat. Yield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis, and muster unseen powers to wipe out your enemies. In Hellsweeper VR, nothing is off-limits. Juggle enemies in the air, rip them in half using psychic powers, use a lopped-off enemy limb as a club, land on an enemy and use it as a surfboard, release concussive blasts to smash enemies into a bloody mess of smithereens, and more!

In the following months, you’ll be hearing more of Hellsweeper VR’s unique combat and movements variations as publisher Vertigo Games and developer Mixed Realms take you on a tour through the game’s underworld. For now, you can follow Vertigo Games on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date on everything Hellsweeper VR.