Sand Dunes and Scorpions Await in the Fourth ‘Demeo’ Campaign, Curse of the Serpent Lord, Out Now

Oculus Blog
June 16, 2022

Brave adventurers, the land of Demeo needs you once again. You’ve had a few months to rest up and recover your hit points in Heroes’ Hangout, but today Resolution Games launches its fourth Demeo campaign, Curse of the Serpent Lord, on both the Meta Quest and Rift Platforms. Don your armor, draw your swords, and take a look at the debut trailer below:

Hope you packed your Sunscreen +2, because Curse of the Serpent Lord will send you deep into the Ronth Desert. There, you’ll explore the village of Izteria—once a peaceful oasis in this vast wasteland, until the serpent god Iztir turned its inhabitants into reptilian monsters. Can your band of adventurers uncover Iztir’s secrets, break the curse, and save the townspeople?

You’ll have some help, of course. Curse of the Serpent Lord introduces Oana, the Warlock. Oana is a powerful spellcaster, able to deploy magic barriers, create portals to enhance the party’s movement, and (of course) pelt enemies with a barrage of magic missiles. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s accompanied by her Astacat, Cána, who can charge through enemies and send them sprawling.

Curse of the Serpent Lord also reworks Zedokar the Sorcerer. Demeo’s original magic wielder had been outclassed by more recent additions, so Curse of the Serpent Lord reequips him with some more powerful spells. Unwary foes will be in for a surprise, as Overcharge allows the Sorcerer to encase his body in electricity and stun attackers. And on the offensive side, Zap has been upgraded to the far more exhilarating Lightning Bolt.

With these new additions (and your existing band of adventurers) you should have the tools you need to overcome every Ronthian Scorpion, Reptilian Mage, and Jeweled Scarab that stands between you and the Serpent Lord. Nine new enemies and a new boss, a new Corruption tile to avoid, new Merchants and potions—Curse of the Serpent Lord is a massive update, and it’s free to all Demeo owners, so gather your party and venture forth.

And don’t worry, there’s still more Demeo to come in 2022. Resolution Games is already teasing a fifth adventure coming later this year—and it sounds like you’ll be headed into a proper town. Maybe you’ll even have a chance to knock back some drinks at the tavern before everything (inevitably) goes sideways. One can hope.