‘The Celestial Throne’ Update Adds Six New Instanced Dungeons and 20 Quests to VR MMO ‘Zenith: The Last City’

Oculus Blog
June 14, 2022

The highly-anticipated first major update for VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City dubbed The Celestial Throne launches on June 16th, introducing a slew of all-new content to the game and adding dozens of additional hours of gameplay. The Celestial Throne includes three new four-person instanced dungeons, three eight-person raid missions, 20 total new quests across the game world, 40+ new pieces of armor and godstones to collect, a new armor slot for headgear, lots of puzzles, tons of bug fixes, and more.

Check out the launch trailer for The Celestial Throne for a glimpse at the magnificent floating castle at the heart of the update:

The main highlights of this massive update are the dungeons. Ever since Zenith first launched, players have been clamoring for dedicated, instanced group content that requires teamwork to succeed beyond the end-game final boss, and Ramen VR have delivered on their promise just a few short months post-launch.

With The Celestial Throne, Zenith is getting three four-person instanced dungeons that each feature three difficulty ranks to scale the challenge to your group’s combat and skill level, as well as two difficulty ranks for the larger raid instances.

In addition to that, there are three massive new instanced raids that feature huge areas to explore and intricate environmental puzzles to solve. There’s even a matchmaking system now to make it easier than ever to find other adventurers to team up with in-game.

In addition to the dungeons, players now have access to headgear item slots including masks, helmets, crowns, and more. There’s also a new item infusion mechanic to level up gear, more daily and weekly quests, 50 pieces of armor and godstones, 10 brand-new full-size quests, lots of new interactive puzzles and objects across the game world, and dozens of bug fixes and performance optimizations.

The Celestial Throne is by far the biggest update to Zenith so far, and it will be available entirely for free to all players. You can check out all of the new adventures that await you in The Celestial Throne when it launches for Zenith this week on June 16. You can get a headstart too and buy Zenith: The Last City on Quest or Rift right now for $29.99 USD—including cross-buy and cross-play.

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